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Release notes 2023

Releasenotes v23.12: WYSIWYG editor, bulk deletion, better app and more!

Door 6 December 2023No Comments

In this latest 2023 update, we continue our commitment to improving Neoforce with useful new features and some important optimisations. This update is designed to expand Neoforce's functionality while refining the existing user experience.

What have we added?

  • From now on, you can also delete users (accounts). This was the last type of item you could not yet delete in Neoforce. Of course -as is well known- you need to have sufficient authorisations.
  • We have added the option to add Neoforce in 'high contrast' view. This makes the somewhat brighter elements in the user interface more visible.
  • You can now -just like editing- also multiple items simultaneously remove! This works the same as in bulk edit, there is now a [Delete] button next to it.

    Deleting multiple items at once. You can now also directly open the selected items on the right-hand side.

  • We have a What You See Is What You Get' editor added to pages, news items, e-mail actions, e-mail templates (tickets) and system e-mails. This editor replaced the 'normal' text field in which you could write HTML. Of course, you can still choose to use HTML now, but the WYSIWYG editor has made it easier to create more advanced items with formatting.

    The WYSIWYG editor, hereby while editing a system e-mail.


  • While editing or deleting in bulk, the selected objects can now also be opened directly (in a new tab).
  • The preview of an image (when you click on an image), is now also in zoom by scrolling.
  • The user experience on a smartphone has improved! The main menu moved to the bottom of the (web) app so you can access it easily.

    Neoforce on smartphones; the menu is now always visible at the bottom of the (web) app.

  • You can now also disable the 'contracts' page.
  • For both datasets and additional fields, you can now include a decimal number as field type use. Here, you can specify how many decimal places you want the field to have.
  • Dashboards can now also, after being created, be marked as public.
  • It has now become possible to filter wiki entries by group or user as well. This filtering can be based on category and applies primarily to practitioners.
  • If you (as an individual) are the submitter of a ticket, within that ticket you will immediately see a link to open the ticket on the customer portal.

    The link to open a ticket directly in the customer portal. This is visible if you are the submitter.

  • At a extended ticket you can now also directly view all other timeline items of the entire ticket.
  • The wiki on the customer portal now also shows a permanent link to the relevant article and the wiki number is more visible.
  • It has become possible to create a 'Notifications' widget add to the dashboard. This allows you to see all notifications at a glance.
  • You can now (datasets) also use the show relationship widget in table on the index of a schedule.

What did we change or fix?

  • The chosen view (table, calendar or buckets) is now remembered for each team.
  • The wiki also showed archived categories in the select box (while editing an article).
  • Moving GIFs were not playing correctly in the preview view.

Besides these points, we have added, improved or changed a lot of things. With these new features and optimisations, Neoforce remains at the forefront of providing flexible, responsive and advanced business solutions. Check out the full changelog within the application for more detailed information on all the changes.