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Improve your registration with our completely free to organize Asset Management Software!

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Work clearly
  • Keep a grip on your assets
  • Flexible layout
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

Make your assets transparent! With the help of Asset Management, you create an overview and keep a grip on the resources within your organization. Choose for yourself what is important for your registration with our flexible Asset Management Software.

What is Asset Management?

Asset Management is the efficient management and control of assets to create added value for your company. Managing this optimally leads to higher returns and risks can be seen and addressed earlier. In addition, asset management ensures that an overview is maintained throughout the organization. This contributes to achieving objectives.

Asset Management Software: Flexible classify.

The strength of our module is its flexibility. You can create unlimited schedules and fields yourself. Of course, you know exactly what is necessary and important for your organization to work efficiently. So choose which resources you register and how you do it.

For example, record your fleet of cars, laptops and smartphones, all with their own data fields. Not using a particular field? No problem, just remove it. So make sure you only see the fields that display the information you need.

Asset Management in one view.

  • Choose which fields are displayed and who has access to which assets and assets.
  • Set which fields are displayed by default within the overview and in what order.
  • Set which users have access to certain assets.

Application Management.

Furthermore, it is possible to map your complete cloud & application landscape with the application management module.
For example, link your applications to the associated servers and databases. Link a license or certificate to them and make the entire chain transparent. In this way, you know exactly what affects each other and what to think about when it comes to updates or changes within your application landscape.
Of course, these types of assets can also be linked to all kinds of other items within Neoforce. You are in control!

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