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Security by Design.

Neoforce is the result of a unique collaboration between experts in cybersecurity and software development. As a result, we offer a platform where both features and hosting have been developed with security as a top priority. Our services and products are certified to international standards such as ISO27001 (information security) and ISO9001 (quality).

For detailed information on our security measures, please visit the Cloud Security Alliance website, to which we are affiliated.

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Security capabilities within Neoforce.

The use of 2-factor authentication via an OTP (One-Time Password). It is possible to enforce 2-factor authentication for all users. All apps that work with 2-factor authentication, such as Google Authenticator, Authy and DUO, work with Neoforce.

Role-based access: Neoforce allows you to create groups and assign authorisations to these groups. Users can easily be added to these groups, automatically giving them the authorisations appropriate to their role.

Advanced Authorisations: Neoforce offers extensive authorisation options for various modules, including tickets, custom datasets and application registration. You can set specific access rights for each module, giving you full control over who can see and edit what.

Even more security options

  • Tickets in Neoforce can be marked as confidential, allowing only authorised people to access the content.
  • Implement a strict password policy directly within Neoforce, ensuring that all user accounts meet the highest security standards.
  • Add an extra layer of authorisation by showing users specific tickets, applications or locations based on their organisational role.
  • Enjoy a secure SSL connection via HTTPS, which means all data exchanged between you and Neoforce is fully encrypted.
  • Experience the convenience and security of an out-of-the-box integration with Azure for Single Sign-On, making the login process seamless and secure.

Security at Neoforce

ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified

In developing and managing Neoforce, we are committed to the highest security standards. We use secure coding techniques, apply the least-privilege principle and ensure secure storage of all data. This is not only a promise, but also a proven fact: our services have been externally evaluated and certified according to the ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards.

Want more insight into the specific security measures we take? Our Statement of Applicability provides a detailed overview of all standard elements that are in scope. This demonstrates that we not only comply with international security standards, but also actively maintain and improve them.

Cloud Security Alliance and STAR Registry

Neoforce is a proud participant in the Cloud Security Alliance's STAR (Security, Trust, Assurance and Risk) registry. This registration is not just a formality; it is a testament to our commitment to transparency and excellence in information security. We offer comprehensive insight into our security protocols by answering more than 300 specific security measures.

Want to know more about our security approach? View here Neoforce's official listing in the STAR registry and download the full questionnaire for an in-depth understanding of our security measures.

Secure and Flexible Hosting Options

Neoforce is hosted at a Dutch hosting provider that meets the highest security standards, including ISO:27001, ISO:9001, and NEN:7510 certifications. This means that your data is always stored securely and within the borders of the European Union.

Want more control over your data? Neoforce also offers the option of local hosting within your own network environment. Ask us to the flexible hosting options we offer.