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Release notes 2023

Release notes v23.11

Door 8 November 2023No Comments

In the November 2023 release, we again added many improvements, changes and optimisations! You can read exactly what we did in the article below.

What have we added?

  • Normal tickets can now be linked to an extended ticket as a subticket. To do so, click (on a ticket) on the 'Options' button and choose 'Link to extended ticket'.
  • Documents can now be selected and displayed on the wiki portal under the 'Uploads' heading.
  • We have added the option to automatically mark (new) responses to tickets as hidden from notifier.
  • It is now possible to set custom opening hours for reservable properties on the customer portal.
  • Individuals and organisations can now also be deleted.
  • Practitioners can now use unpublished forms via the practitioner section.
  • Notifications can be marked as read or unread.
  • You can now create a wiki article directly from a ticket. All information from the ticket is then transferred to the wiki.
  • While entering the code for two-step verification, the code will now be sent automatically after you enter 6 digits.
  • Photos from linked accounts are now copied to individuals while logging in via Microsoft.
  • Warning when adding a new organisation with an existing visiting address.
  • The scheduler can now also schedule repetitive events. In both Neoforce and Outlook.
  • Preferences for sorting and filtering are now saved per saved filter.
  • User experience on Android devices improved.
  • Archived categories can now be made visible again.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Option for coloured names in the timeline.
  • Use of recursive folders in the M365 mail import for tickets has been enabled.
  • Ability to select alternative actions if trigger conditions are not met.
  • We have added API endpoints for datasets_schemas, datasets_fields and datasets_tabs.

What did we adjust or fix?

  • Widgets for linked invoices and relationships are now hidden when adding a new datasets object.
  • Search function for wiki suggestions in tickets improved.
  • Method of importing links into emails changed.
  • Markdown editor was not available on an iPad in portrait mode.
  • Double creation of a bookmarked ticket via actions.
  • Default selected value was not applied when creating a new datasets object.
  • Schema names of datasets should not consist only of numbers.
  • Removed old ldap features from Windows Server.
  • Logging out was not possible when required to change the password.
  • The 'more company details' button was not working properly.
  • Importing emails into tickets did not fill in end date; now based on category and subcategory set.
  • It was not possible to remove contracts.
  • Some fields in ticket forms did not take into account settings for empty values.
  • It was not possible to choose a status for a log action.
  • No persistent session was created when using 2fa.