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With contract management, you maintain control of all current and expired contracts.

  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Maintaining control 
  • Transparent and clear contracts
  • Ability to automate
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

Make your contracts transparent and clear with Neoforce's contract management. You easily register all contracts in one central place. This way everything is together and it is visible and clear for everyone who should see the contracts. Neoforce contract management is always and everywhere manageable for everyone!

What is contract management?

As a business, you purchase with the goal of adding value to the business, and contracts are made with suppliers. With a contract management system, you have an overview of what has been procured and can see if you are not yet taking advantage of opportunities that the supplier is providing.

Contract management is not just managing the contracts, but ensuring that there is a better grip on costs, risks and getting the most out of (supplier) contracts. In addition, you ensure transparency within your company.

Contract Management easy and insightful.

Register your contracts in Neoforce's central contract database and create overview and peace of mind. This ensures that you always have insight into which contracts you have, and when they expire.

Link relationships, organizations, internal or external contacts, and assets to the contracts within the Neoforce contract management software. That way you have everything clearly listed together.

Stay in the lead with automatic triggers & actions within contract management.

Using custom-built triggers and actions, you can really automate anything within a contract management system, such as notifications. For example, send a notification 4 weeks before the end date of a contract. Repeat the same 2 weeks in advance if the contract has not yet been renewed.
In addition to notifications, you can integrate with external tools using webhooks or send an e-mail.

Document generation
Standard contracts of which you are the supplier can be automatically generated in both PDF and DOCX format based on customer data and more.