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Reporting done right.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Understanding data the way you want it
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Create unlimited reports
  • Free with every Neoforce subscription

Management reports

To manage well, you need to know what is going on within your company and your employees. With management reports you easily create insight into the data stored centrally in Neoforce. You create reports and choose the form in which you want to see or use them.

Insight into all the data the way you want it.

Within Neoforce, you can use all available data to create and share reports. You can group and downdrill through the different levels which keeps you up to date with all the ins and outs.

  • Reporting fully customizable to your liking
  • Create unlimited number of reports
  • Group by all available dates & fields
  • Choice of different type of diagrams
  • Various types of tables
  • Sharing with colleagues
  • Export to Excel
  • Free with every Neoforce subscription

Reports with problem-free connection to the business. Tailored to your business.

With Neoforce's reporting module, you build the management reports you need yourself. You select the source file (for example, Tickets) and then choose fields you want to group by (for example, Team > Handler > Status). You also optionally select a filter to not use all the data.

This gives you quick insight into tickets, by team followed by handler and followed by status.

External tools for BI
Are you working with Microsoft PowerBI, for example? No problem. Thanks to the open API, Neoforce also allows you to use the data in external BI and reporting tools such as PowerBI or QlikSense.