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Provide excellent service to your clients with relationship management from Neoforce!

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Everything in one place
  • Stay connected
  • Maintaining overview
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

Register key data in one place!

This will save you a lot of trouble and reduce the chance of mistakes!

Within the customer relationship management system Neoforce offers the option to register your most important data, your relations & customers, in the module basic registrations. The entire relationship management package uses these entered data to link everything together. This automatically creates a complete overview. You can then always easily see where something is linked to.

How many tickets has person X from organization Y created and what were they about? You can see this insightfully by opening the relevant person in the relationship management.
What was all discussed with client Z? Open the customer and you can see it at a glance! Within relationship management you have an efficient overview and you can very easily see per customer or person what has happened or been discussed.

Relationship Management: People

Keep in touch with your customers and contacts.

Within relationship management, individuals are the (employees of) customers and/or suppliers. Register all the data you have for providing excellent service to your customers! This ensures that you will not lose any more personal data and you can work with it yourself in a very easy and clear way.
Individuals are used to register tickets by name (the registrant), among other things.

Relationship Management: Organizations

Stay in contact with prospects, customers and suppliers.

Keep track of who you do business with. In relationship management, you can also register locations and rooms with the prospects, customers and/or suppliers. This way you have everything together regarding the prospect, customer or supplier and can easily contact them.

Free connection with the Chamber of Commerce in relationship management.

All business and address data of Dutch companies are easily imported from the Chamber of Commerce. That saves you typing again and ensures up-to-date data of the customer, prospect or supplier in customer relationship management!