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Neoforce workflow management module; Always a pulsating flow of your proceedings.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easily build templates
  • Distribute tasks across multiple users and/or teams
  • Flexible layout
  • Maintaining overview
  • efficient and user-friendly workflow management

Discover how our advanced workflow management tools work closely with our ticketing system to streamline your business processes and increase efficiency. Our tools provide an optimised working environment with an intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, allowing tasks to be organised, assigned and handled effortlessly.

The integration of workflow management and ticketing seamlessly streamlines the process from request to completion, allowing your team to focus on what really matters: delivering excellent service to your customers.

Improve team collaboration, increase productivity and achieve your business goals with our integrated workflow management and ticketing solutions.

Workflow management

Workflow management

Optimise Teamwork with Neoforce Workflow management

Tasks such as onboarding a new employee, which require multiple steps or employees, can be challenging.

Neoforce's workflow management makes these processes simple and clear. Create a template once and link it to a ticket. This automatically generates sub-tickets that are sent to the right teams and employees. This way, you streamline business processes and always maintain an overview.

Always a correct procedure.

Because the workflow management module fully integrates into the ticket system, your handlers are familiar with the way it works and handle these steps in the same simple way as their other tickets. Therefore, there is no need for additional explanation.

You can even choose to have the workflow management fully automated by your customers. This can be triggered via a form on the customer portal.

Customer portal

From submission a correct workflow

Workflow processes can be started efficiently from a form within Neoforce, both in the handler area and in the client portal.

When a user fills in a form, he can activate or hide specific steps in the workflow with his answers.

This functionality is achieved by using conditional logic within the form. For example, if a new employee requires a laptop, this can be indicated in the form. If ticked, a sub-ticket for laptop preparation is automatically created. If a new employee needs a laptop and this is indicated in the form, a laptop preparation sub-ticket will automatically be created. If not ticked, the subticket will remain hidden and will not be activated, keeping the process streamlined and only relevant actions will be taken.

This ensures a personalised workflow tailored to the user's specific needs and choices.