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Deliver outstanding service with our user-friendly ticketing system.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Register all tasks as tickets
  • Import emails from you (central) mailbox
  • Divide your tickets flexibly
  • Maintaining overview
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

Neoforce Ticket System.

Manage all your customer questions and requests efficiently with Neoforce's user-friendly ticketing system!

Whether you are looking for a helpdesk solution, customer support software or dedicated customer service software, with Neoforce you maintain a clear overview and control over all customer interactions. Each ticket is automatically given a unique tracking number, so you can easily keep track of which customer submitted a question or request. In addition, you can record important details such as the nature of the question, the priority, the urgency, the relevant category and the employee responsible for the end date.

Our flexible ticketing module allows you to customise the user-friendly ticketing system to your specific needs. You decide which fields are mandatory and which are optional. You can also assign teams to certain types of tickets and define categories relevant to your business. This ensures a streamlined workflow and efficient handling of customer queries.

Our ticketing system is not just another component within our software; it is a comprehensive platform that optimises your business processes, from customer service to internal communication.

Deliver just good support to your customers and partners.

Forgot which customer you just spoke to or how you solved a specific problem? Beset by e-mails and phone calls with no overview? With our ticket system, these problems are also a thing of the past!

Comprehensive opportunities but simple and clear in use.

Unlike traditional systems, which force users to navigate through complex structures of tabs and pages for incidents, changes, and issues, provides Neoforce a simpler solution.
In principle, everything within Neoforce is a ticket, which means that via settings you choose the types of tickets that best suit your workflow. So this doesn't stop you if you do want to work with extensive changes and other types of work orders.

This unique system allows teams to personalise their work processes so they are not overwhelmed by multiple work overviews for different tasks. With Neoforce daily activities of practitioners are not only more efficient, but also clearer.

In addition to simple tickets (which can therefore be arranged flexibly), you can also work with extensive workflows.

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Workflow management

The ticket module you can use immediately shows when the ticket is from and what follow-up has been given to it.

Yu-Mei Liebregt

Clearly view open and completed tasks with the Neoforce Ticket System.

Within the ticket system, specify when the ticket should be completed. Neoforce automatically alerts you when this date approaches.

Make sure you don't disappoint your customers with regard to handling their questions and requests on time. Of course, you can easily sort your open tickets by end date. This way, you always work within the ticket system in a fair and orderly manner!

Is the ticket purely just registered or have things already been carried out?

Using the status in the ticket system, you can indicate the progress status. You can define statuses yourself and also automatically notify your customers when a status change occurs. You can also specify in the administrator settings which status(es) ensure that a ticket is fully completed. You can then automatically notify the customer. This of course saves you the work of notifying the customer via e-mail of all progress information.

Using teams in the ticket system, you can define which groups of your employees are.

You can also think of it as departments. Each department, of course, handles different requests. For example, customer service will handle very different requests than the finance department. In the ticket system, operators within the teams can be assigned completely by themselves. A ticket can, if desired, be handled by multiple handlers.

User-friendly ticketing system

Various categories within the ticket system.

Is it something related to housing, for example, or more something related to one of your products? Easily categorize your tickets within customizable categories and subcategories.

Define your tickets yourself in different types.

That means you can specify, for example, whether a ticket is an "incident," "change" (ITSM/FMIS) a "support question" or something else. We provide you with a standard set, but you can customize it entirely within the ticket system. Do you want a particular resolution team not to be able or allowed to handle a specific type of ticket? No problem, you can simply set that up as well. So this means that you can also easily use Neoforce as an ITSM tool where you are still completely free in the extent of the ITIL implementation.

Link a specific asset to the ticket with the ticketing system.

Are you additionally using the module application management or datasets? Then it is very convenient to link the relevant asset/object to the ticket. This way you always have insight into which tickets have been created for that specific object. For example, does that specific laptop have a lot of failure reports? Perhaps then it might be better to replace the laptop. Are there many problems with that particular car? Then maybe it should go back to the dealer. The ticket system allows you to find everything in one overview.

True self-service with our customer portal.

Do you also use our customer portal customer portal module? With it, you offer customers easy access to their pending and completed tickets. You can also add manuals and forms, making it easier for customers to ask specific questions. This leads to better structured tickets and saves you time.

On the customer portal, you can post unlimited forms, wiki articles and pages. Moreover, light accounts for your customers are completely free. So you offer an informative and cost-effective portal where customers can manage their own affairs.

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