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Release notes 2023

Releasenotes v23.10: Importing, improved uploads and more!

Door 4 October 2023No Comments

The October 2023 release adds another bunch of new features to Neoforce. Find out what we added, changed or fixed below! As you have come to expect from us, we push the updates to all customer environments on Wednesday evening.

What have we added?

  • We have added the option to import spreadsheets to Neoforce. You can upload spreadsheets in the formats 'xlsx', 'xls', 'ods' and 'csv' for this!
    After uploading, you have the option to further customise the import and 'map' columns from your spreadsheet to the corresponding column in Neoforce.
    Note: this is a new administrator option. This means that for this you have to new authorisations for should award.
  • If datasets objects have an automatically generated objectID, you can now also copy this objectID to your clipboard with the press of a single button.
  • Taggable assets now also have a 'Named' page within the 'Linked' tab to see what the asset is tagged in.
  • Uploading files has been improved! For example, within the customer portal you can see a preview of the file (images only) and when dragging a file into Neoforce you can now also see the progress per file.
  • After setting up two-step verification, you need to confirm this 2fa token once; this way you can be sure that the link has been successfully set up!
  • If you 'hover' over a user photo, tagged user or tagged asset, you will now see a brief summary of relevant information about that item.
  • For smartphone users, we have improved the use of the camera in the files tab. You can now take and upload multiple photos at once.
  • Invoices now also have (if enabled) a timeline.
  • While selecting a customer or supplier for an invoice, you now also have the option to directly create a new organisation.
  • It is now possible to mark the organisation as mandatory for tickets as well.
  • We have added the option, when importing e-mails, to also directly enter, based on the e-mail address, the organisation of the new person to be created.
  • The planner now also has the option to enter a URL.
  • Active ones are now more visible in the sidebars. If there is a scroll bar, the item will automatically scroll up or down.
  • If for some reason it is no longer possible to generate a ticket number, invoice number, wiki number or objectID, an error message is now displayed.
  • You can now set more filters on a user account or group. For example, you can filter by author (by section) and by country (of the linked organisation).

What did we adjust or fix?

  • Various optimisations to the user experience (see changelog for details).
  • Datasets objects now also have a 'friendly' URL. You can now use the schema name followed by the ID in the address bar (example https://[yourcompany]
  • Publishing wiki article within the customer portal has been improved and moved to its own tab.
  • Selectboxes for linking people or organisations now show only active items.
  • German translations are extensive.
  • It was not yet possible to filter -within invoices- based on invoice date.
  • Uploading a file with a ticket number as the file name caused problems (because it was automatically made into a link).
  • It is now no longer possible to make a wiki category a child of itself.
  • It was not yet possible to delete person groups.

Of course, more things have been added or changed. For a comprehensive(er) list, check out the changelog within the application or contact support!