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Release notes 2023

Releasenotes v23.08: A better menu, more type dependencies and much more!

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In these release notes, we'll tell you about the changes we've added with the August 2023 release. As always and as you have come to expect from us, this update will be pushed to all client environments on Wednesday the 2nd after office hours!

What have we added?

  • [General] The (waffle) menu has been improved. You can now use the shortcut keys CTRL + / to open the menu and then immediately start typing. Select a page using the ENTER key and navigate using the TAB or arrow keys. We have also added more options, including all administrator options.
  • [General] You can search directly (within the application) by pressing the / key.
  • [Planner] The planner now also has a timeline.
  • [Invoices] Outgoing and incoming invoices now also show some KPIs.
  • [Customer portal] You can now use the 'Organisation' field in a form.
  • [Datasets] Datasets have gained 2 new widgets; Last added and Last modified. You can enable or disable these per schema.
  • [General] On desktops, you can now directly copy the ticket number, invoice number and more to the clipboard by clicking on the small icon next to the number.
  • [Tickets] You can now make the selectable values of the 'Status' and 'Category' fields dependent on the ticket type.
  • [Tickets] In addition to days, you can now make a ticket readonly after hours, weeks and months.
  • [General] We have added endpoints for persons, invoices and users. See our wiki on our customer portal for more info.

What have we changed or improved?

  • The timeline has received a make over. It's now clearer whether it's your own post or a colleague's post.
  • Overall changes to the user interface.
  • Several spelling errors (Dutch).

What have we solved?

  • Some ref fields were not filled by default.
  • It was not possible to create a repeating trigger that was triggered every minute, day or week (with a unit of 1).
  • Templates of system emails were not applied.
  • Some dropdown menus were unfairly and automatically closed while loading a ticket.
  • If you had more than 25 unread notifications, the counter in the header jumped while loading the page.
  • Archived Wiki articles could still be accessed on the customer portal using the URL.
  • Not all variables were available for actions and triggers within the module datasets during an API request.

Of course, we have changed even more. You can find the total overview within the application.

Questions or comments?

We'd love to hear from you! Mail or call support.