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Release notes 2023

Release notes v23.07 - repeating and scheduled actions, gift cards and more

Door 5 July 2023No Comments

Highlights of this release include being able to create repetitive/scheduled actions, being able to send an invitation link to new users and much more. You can read more below!

What have we added?

  • You can now create repeating and/or scheduled triggers. This allows you to create a particular (repeating) ticket every month, for example.
  • It is now possible to send users an email allowing them to (re)set their password. These emails can, of course, be fully customised via admin.
  • We offer you the option to recommend Neoforce to other fellow entrepreneurs; in return, you will receive -on approval- a gift card worth €100 for or Amazon. You will find the necessary link within the admin panel.
  • You can now also customise the content of password reset mails according to style and taste.
  • Long requests on tickets, as well as posts on a timeline, are now collapsed by default to save space.
  • The imported mail is now also added to a ticket as an .EML file.
  • In time registration, you can now enter a start and end time. Neoforce then calculates the actual time spent itself.
  • It is now possible to also customise the subject and CC and BCC fields in the email templates of tickets (responses to users, for example).

What have we adjusted?

  • The "My assets" page within the customer portal has been improved and now also shows a search bar.
  • The index of datasets now also shows a search bar if you see more than 3 schemas.
  • You can now also add the 'Main ticket' column to tickets. This is obviously useful for subtickets.
  • The admin panel now shows the last 15 sessions (was 10).
  • Users now only see active tickets (not archived) from the customer portal.