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Release notes 2022

Release notes v22.08

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Below are the release notes of our changes we are pushing to all SaaS environments this week (Wednesday);

What's new?

  • [General] All pages now support the ability to upload files using Drag & Drop. This works simply by dragging and dropping a file onto Neo4Z.
  • [General] Wherever the Markdown editor is used (e.g. in the timeline, or in tickets), you can now paste files (and thus also images). The file is uploaded in the background, and then linked directly within the text field.
  • [General] Plugins now show logos and are faster to download.
  • [Organizations] If the 'Chamber of Commerce number' field is enabled, you can now search the Chamber of Commerce even from Neo4Z. Simply type a name or the Chamber of Commerce number and Neo4Z will automatically complete. Once you click on a company, all data will be filled in automatically!
  • [Tickets] Within the 'Milestones' page, in the 'Tickets' tab, tickets can now also be sorted and filtered.
  • [Tickets] From now on, it is possible to mark a ticket as 'Skipped'. To do this, you can link a status associated with it under Management > Tickets. If the ticket -that is being skipped- is an extended ticket, then all subtickets will also get the status of skipped. In addition, the user who, the moment of skipping is saved. In the future, we will also show this in the UI.
  • [Accounting] If you have multiple accounts/administrations, you can now maintain separate relationships (organisations) for each account. Using the same way as for ticket teams, you can easily switch between accounts.
  • [Portal] Forms that trigger an automation can now also be published and used from within the portal.
  • [Rental] 'Reservations' is called rentals from now on.
  • [Rental] A monthly planner has been added. Like the weekly planner, it shows the rental agreements of the selected month.

What did we change or fix?

  • [Organizations] The 'street' and house number fields have been merged into 'Address' for both the visiting and postal addresses.
  • [Invoices] On the generated PDF, 'External number' is no longer referred to as 'Your reference'.
  • [Management] Teams of both tickets and automations can now be managed from one page. With this, we also give you the option to use one team for both tickets and automations.
  • Several minor bug fixes. See Neo4Z for more info.