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Release notes 2022

Release notes v22.02

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In this article, we tell you about the additions and changes of our first version in the new year. As you have come to expect from us, all SaaS customers will get the update pushed to their production environments on Wednesday evening. Test environments have already been updated earlier.

What have we added?

  • [Application Management] It is now possible to use management to set a status indicating that the object is automatically archived.
  • [General] The graphical representation of relationships is now automatically refreshed in the background when changing relationships.
  • [General] Manual actions can now also be set to be executed immediately, without the option of being able to modify them.
  • [General] Files can now be placed in 'Folders' after which you can also filter by folders. By default, you will see all files in all folders.
  • [General] Images can now be resized directly from the modal during viewing.
  • [General] An error message is now displayed if you want to upload a file that is too large.
  • [Application Management] The 'Organisations' column has been added. This allows you to see all linked organisations in the index.
  • [Application Management] It is now possible to filter by the linked organisation(s).
  • [Automations] The person's metadata associated with the user is now also usable as a variable (e.g. ${person.displayName}).
  • [Contracts] It is now possible to link persons to a contract. You can now also specify a role.
  • [Datasets] You can now copy schedules. Of course, you need to have the right authorisations to do this.
  • [Datasets] It is now possible to add a field type 'Formatted text'. This allows you to format the text in the relevant field as you are used to from, for example, tickets.
  • [Portal] The back button on a form now also goes back to the page you came from.
  • [Tickets] An already created comment can now still be sent (while editing) as an e-mail.
  • [Tickets] When linking to a milestone, there is now also the option to adopt the end date of that milestone as the end date of the ticket.
  • [Tickets] Milestones have their own page and can be searched via the search bar.
  • [Tickets] During ticket creation, a ticket number is immediately displayed before the ticket is saved. This number is not 'reserved' and can change during creation. When actually saving, the number is permanently assigned.
  • [Organizations / People] In the 'Linked' tab, you can now also see what role an organisation or person has with a linked application, certificate, database, server, contract or process.
  • [Invoices / Reservations] Invoices and reservations can now be copied.
  • [Portal / Automations] You can now set that only certain users and/or groups can open and use a form.

What did we change or fix?

  • [General] Various code optimisations and user interface changes (minor). Interested in the details? Then contact support.
  • [General] HTTPS is now permanently forced on all pages. Also when using the API.
  • [Tickets[ Subtickets can no longer have a start date that is before the end date of the dependencies.
  • [Tickets] In the 'Estimated time' field, it was not possible to enter a time like '1:00' while creating a ticket.
  • [Organizations] It was not possible to open a room if it did not have a room number.