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Prepare for the future: An Asset Management module is becoming indispensable.

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An asset management module is becoming indispensable.

In many companies, asset management is still kept in various Excel or Word files. Each team member often uses their own way of recording data, leading to a jumble of information. This approach results in miscommunication and errors. By engaging Neoforce for your business, you centralise all information within a single system. This makes all information accessible to the right people. Thanks to the extensive history function, you can see exactly who, when, and what has added or modified. This gives you a much clearer insight into your assets and minimises the risk of errors.

What is asset management?

Asset management is the process of systematically and efficiently managing business assets (assets) to maximise their value and performance. These include office furniture, machinery, smartphones, laptops and company cars. These cover a wide range of different activities. There are standard asset modules within Neoforce, but these can also be adapted to your company's specific needs.

By keeping a clear inventory, you know exactly what assets you have, where they are and what condition they are in. Regular maintenance extends the life of assets and prevents unexpected breakdowns. Think about periodically inspecting machines, updating software on laptops or phones, and keeping track of maintenance on company cars.

Benefits of asset management

A well-implemented asset management system offers a wide range of benefits that are essential for a company's efficiency and sustainability. First, such a system leads to significant cost savings. Through efficient maintenance and timely replacement of assets, unexpected costs and breakdowns are reduced, promoting long-term financial stability.

In addition, an asset management system improves overall efficiency within the organisation. By optimising the use of assets, resources can be better utilised, resulting in higher performance and increased productivity. This means employees can work more effectively because they have access to well-maintained and functioning assets.

Another crucial benefit is improved compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Automatic reporting and monitoring ensure that all assets comply with applicable standards, reducing the risk of legal problems and fines. This contributes to the safety and reliability of operations.

Better decision-making is also a key benefit of a good asset management system. Real-time insight into the status and performance of assets allows managers to make informed decisions. This helps with strategic planning and investment decisions, allowing resources to be allocated more effectively and supporting business growth.

Finally, an asset management system improves transparency and traceability within the organisation. This ensures that all stakeholders have a clear overview of available assets and their status, which promotes cooperation and communication.

In short, a well-implemented asset management system contributes to cost savings, increased efficiency, improved compliance, better decision-making and greater transparency, ultimately leading to more successful and sustainable operations.

Neoforce asset management modules

Neoforce offers comprehensive asset management modules that help your company manage all its assets. These modules are designed to provide an overview of all assets within your company and offer various functionalities.

The inventory module accurately records screens, docking stations and other internal assets, so you always know what you have and where it is. Who uses which chair, which department has which printer and which meeting room has the smart board? This too can all be recorded in the Inventory module.

The smartphones/phones module registers all phones within your organisation, which helps manage costs and monitor usage. This also makes it easy to find when phones have been switched, how much a phone has cost and whether it has been serviced.

The laptops module includes all laptops within the organisation in the system, allowing you to easily schedule maintenance and manage updates. You can also see which charger came with a laptop and can automatically send a notification when the laptop needs a check-up.

The fleet module tracks all vehicles within your organisation with associated parts, including maintenance schedules and insurance. It is also possible to record whether a car may also be driven privately.

How Neoforce can help your business

With Neoforce's asset management modules you can easily maintain an overview of all assets within your company. This helps optimise your asset management through advanced tools and real-time data, allowing you to better manage your assets and optimise their performance. This means no more working with different files that can all too easily be deleted or incorrectly entered with serious consequences.

Through efficient maintenance and management, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and downtime, leading to significant cost savings in the long run. Automatic updates and reports ensure that your company is always compliant with the latest laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal problems.


Asset management is crucial to the success of any business that relies on physical assets. By using Neoforce's comprehensive asset management modules, you can maximise the value and performance of your assets, reduce costs and improve compliance. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Neoforce has the tools you need to take your asset management to the next level.

Stop working with different documents and prevent noise within your organisation by investing in a good asset management system. The more you grow, the better to keep all assets clear.

Contact Neoforce today to find out more about the modules and how they can help your business.