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Looking for an internship? Our interns talk about their internship at Neoforce

Door 3 June 2024No Comments

At Neoforce, we are always looking for talented and motivated interns to join our dynamic team. In an interview with two of our current interns, Noah and Rowan, we discuss their internship experience at Neoforce.

Noah and Rowan, both Software Development students at Vista College in Heerlen, started their internship at Neoforce in summer 2023. For their studies, it is common to do an internship in the third year of study to gain experience in the day-to-day operations of a company. Noah says: "Our teacher sent us an e-mail that Neoforce was still looking for trainees. I responded immediately." Rowan adds: "Along with a few classmates, we were allowed to come for an interview, and in the end Noah and I were chosen to intern at Neoforce.”

Expectations during the internship at Neoforce

Before starting their internship, Noah and Rowan had different expectations. Noah mainly wanted to experience what it is like to work in business and to gain insight into the day-to-day operations. Rowan especially hoped to expand his practical experience in software development and increase his general knowledge. Rowan narrates: "I expected to learn more about software development in business and in general. So far, I have learnt a lot about both aspects, so my expectations have definitely been met." For both, the internship was a chance to put theory into practice and gain valuable experience.

"Regular meetings with my colleagues to have my work checked and adjusted have allowed me to further develop and refine my skills"


During their internship at Neoforce, Noah and Rowan worked on various projects and tasks that enhanced their knowledge of software development. They were mainly busy troubleshooting development tickets, detecting bugs, fixing them and adding new features to the system. These tasks gave a good idea of the complexity and details involved in software development. Rowan was given the responsibility of selecting tickets that described customer requests for additions or changes to the Neoforce system. "Regular meetings with my colleagues to have my work checked and adjusted have allowed me to further develop and refine my skills", he indicates.

During their internship period, Noah and Rowan worked on projects that brought them great satisfaction and learning moments. Noah found the most enjoyable project was making uploaded files visible on the customer portal. "This project really showed me how complex it is to add new features and how deep your knowledge of the system and code needs to be", adds Noah. For Rowan, the most interesting project was solving a bug in the scheduler within Neoforce. At first, he found it challenging to figure out the cause of the bug, but after thorough research and thinking, he managed to solve the problem.

Challenges and solutions

During their internship at Neoforce, Noah and Rowan overcame several challenges, which significantly enhanced their learning in problem-solving and collaboration. "I came across a problem where a video was displayed with a PDF icon instead of a video icon. At first, I thought too complicated about the solution, but eventually I found a much simpler way to solve the problem. This experience has taught me not to rush into complexity and to always look for the most efficient solution", says Noah.

Rowan experienced at the beginning of his internship that he still had a lot to learn about programming. Despite his limited knowledge, he had to work with colleagues who were much more experienced. By working on different projects and persevering, he began to understand more and more. "As I gained more experience, the work also became more fun and I was able to progress more easily!", laughs Rowan. This challenge has accelerated his learning and increased his confidence in his own skills.

Collaboration with staff and developers

The collaboration with the staff and developers at Neoforce was seen as positive by both Noah and Rowan. Noah felt he could always get help when needed and that asking questions was always possible. Rowan also felt comfortable within the team and had a good rapport with everyone, even outside the developers. "Although my colleagues were often busy and therefore I had to discover a lot on my own, I always received useful feedback and critiques when my work was reviewed." Consequently, the fine atmosphere within the Neoforce team made it easy for Rowan, who was gaining experience in business for the first time, to walk along and learn.

"I am really surprised that I have learnt so much that I did not even know was possible before

New skills and insights

During their internship at Neoforce, Noah and Rowan gained new skills they had not learned in their training. "I am really surprised that I have learnt so much that I did not even know was possible before“, stresses Noah.

In particular, Rowan learned to make his programming work neat and understandable to other developers so that everyone could understand what was created. He noted that his programming work during his training was often sloppy and that he considered his work completed as soon as it worked. "Through my internship at Neoforce, I learned to adapt my working methods and pay more attention to the quality and readability of my code. This insight has positively influenced my professional development and deepened my understanding of software development." he says.

The internship at Neoforce prepared Noah and Rowan well for their further careers in software development. Noah learned how to solve problems more effectively and gained a better understanding of code and system architecture. For Rowan, the internship boosted his enthusiasm for software development. He enjoys the work at Neoforce and is now considering continuing his career in this field, possibly studying at college. These experiences have enhanced their understanding of software development and clarified their future career prospects.


During their internship at Neoforce, Noah and Rowan learned valuable lessons that they would like to share with other students. Noah in particular learned a lot about effective problem solving and gained a better understanding of code. For Rowan, an important lesson was working with real customers. Although he also got lessons on this in mbo, he noticed that working with real customers is still a different experience. These experiences enriched their professional development and deepened their understanding of software development.

Both would definitely recommend Neoforce as an internship to other students. "I consider Neoforce a good choice because of its supportive and friendly working environment," says Noah. Rowan adds: "I would recommend Neoforce to mbo students because of the informal atmosphere and the space to learn without setting the bar very high right away." Noah: "I would advise future interns to apply in time so that you have a good internship spot in time." Rowan: "Yes, that is definitely important. And I would encourage them to be open and themselves, because internship is actually less scary than it seems." Noah: "Absolutely, that can really make a difference."

Noah and Rowan's experiences show that an internship at Neoforce can be a valuable learning experience. They not only improved their technical skills, but also gained an insight into what it is like to work in a professional team. If you are looking for an internship where you can learn a lot in a supportive and friendly working environment, Neoforce is the right choice. Apply on time and, above all, be yourself!

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