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Release notes 2023

(NL) Release notes V23.05

Door 3 May 2023No Comments

In these May 2023 release notes, we'll tell you about all the new features we've added to Neoforce over the past month! All mentioned features and changes will be available to use from Wednesday evening, 3 May.

What have we added?

  • End users can now share their tickets using the customer portal! This allows them to keep their colleagues informed. Those shared with will then also find the ticket within their own environment of the portal.Sharing tickets is possible from an already created ticket, or during the fill in of a form. The administrator can disable the functionality in its entirety via the tickets module settings.
  • You can now automatically change the status of a ticket as soon as you send an e-mail to the submitter. You can set this per e-mail template, so you can set this up very specifically to your liking.
  • You can now link tickets to other tickets. Like people and wiki articles, you do this via the 'Linked' tab.
  • Forms can now also add a 'space field'. This allows your customers to select a space directly.
  • We added the 'Sector' and 'Company size' fields to organisations. This optional field is disabled by default.
  • Within all e-mail actions, you can now also switch to an html editor for e-mail formatting.
  • The wiki now has options for version control. However, this is disabled by default and must be enabled to use.
  • You can now also reserve or rent spaces through the customer portal.
  • Actions (management) now show an overview of the last 30 output results. This helps you troubleshoot better and gives you insight into what Neoforce is executing in the background or automatically.

What did we adjust or fix?

  • Several minor spelling errors and optimisations to the user interface.
  • Tables were not properly displayed within a ticket on the customer portal.
  • Files added during ticket creation, for example, were not shown in the 'Files' tab.
  • It was not possible to see all linked dataset diagrams from a room.

In addition to these points, we have pushed another bunch of changes! For more information, read the changelog within the application.

Questions or comments?
We would love to hear your opinion! For questions or comments, please contact support.