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Release notes 2023

(Release notes v23.04

Door 4 April 2023No Comments

In this blog post, we tell you again about the updates we are bringing to Neoforce in the new version. As usual, this new version will become available within customer environments on Wednesday 5 April.

What have we added?

  • The login page has got a new user interface!
  • From now on, from the index of tickets, you can also use forms to create a new ticket.
  • We've added the functionality to use a tree like structure for ordering Wiki articles in categories.
  • There is a new automic Table of Contents in the portal when viewing a Wiki article.
  • You can edit the links in the menu of the portal via admin now!
  • We have added a [Save & New] button to every page so you can more easily create new objects and tickets.
  • You can edit and sort the layout of buckets within tickets.
  • We've added the option to only show results linked to the organisation of the caller when searching for an asset in tickets.
  • All email addresses of the linked operators are now available as variable to use in actions:${}
  • You can now block email imports based on the email address of the sender.
  • Blocks and tabs are now hidden if no fields are visible (datasets).
  • We improved the mailing with actions in Neoforce; there are 4 templates to use and style mails out of the box with your or any other custom logo!
  • From forms within the portal, you can now upload multiple files in 1 file field.
  • You can now create a new ticket via an action and an optional trigger.
  • Group members within groups and teams are now split across pages instead of 1 whole long page.

What have we fixed?

  • It was not possible to send calendar invitations when using Microsoft 365.
  • When applying a template to a new ticket, Neoforce incorrectly asked if workflows should be applied.
  • Email texts were not available in the ref_timeline and ref_timeline_public variables.
  • It was still possible to upload a file to a locked object / ticket.
  • Field visibility settings would not import properly when importing a datasets schema.
  • The secundary title of datasets objects got empty while using buckets.
  • Changes made to the admin notes were not directly visible.
  • It was not possible to filter on checkboxes and/or radiobuttons in datasets.
  • It was possible to inject scripting via the search bar.

In addition, for more information or details, you can also view the extensive changelog within your Neoforce tenant.