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5 innovative ways to use Neoforce's ticketing system outside ICT

Door 18 September 2023No Comments

5 Innovative ways to use Neoforce outside ICT


You often associate a ticketing tool like Neoforce mainly with ICT support. But Neoforce can do so much more than that. In this article, we reveal five unexpected ways you can use Neoforce outside the ICT sector.

Customer service

You might think of customer service as a separate system, but you don't have to with Neoforce. This platform is ideal for managing customer queries, comments and complaints. Thanks to the customer portal, customers can create their own tickets and track their progress. This increases transparency and has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

HR is more than just recruiting new talent; it is about managing an employee's entire lifecycle. With Neoforce's workflow management features, managing this complexity is a piece of cake.

Facility Management

Facilities management is not just about maintenance, but also about effectively managing assets such as office furniture, equipment and supplies.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are dynamic areas where a lot happens. Leads, customer communications, campaigns - it's a constantly evolving landscape. Neoforce allows you to generate subtickets for different stages of your sales funnel. Moreover, using the Datasets module, you can build a visual funnel for each sales opportunity.

Event planning

Whether you are organising a company party, a seminar or a large business event, logistics is often a challenge. With Neoforce, you have everything under control.


Neoforce proves that a ticketing tool is not only useful for ICT. Whether you work in HR, marketing, facilities management or any other field, Neoforce offers the flexibility and functionality you need. It is more than a software; it is a strategic partner that helps you optimise your business processes.

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