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Streamline workflows with actions and triggers: Practical examples

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In the world of business automation, it is essential to reduce repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.

At Neoforce, we understand this and have integrated actions and triggers into our platform, allowing administrators to create automated processes and increase their productivity.
In this blog article, we will explore the power of actions and triggers and discuss some practical examples that show how Neoforce can help automate various tasks within your organisation.

Actions - Save time and effort

Sending e-mails

With Neoforce, you can have emails sent automatically in response to specific triggers. For example, when a customer performs a certain action, such as placing an order, the system can automatically send an order confirmation to the customer and a notification to the internal team.

Generation of (push) notifications to users

Sending push notifications is an effective way to communicate important updates and notifications. With Neoforce, you can generate push notifications based on triggers, such as completing a task, reaching a specific milestone or other self-defined trigger.

Word and PDF files

With the ability to generate Word and PDF files, you can create automated reports, invoices, quotations and other documents. This saves time and minimises the risk of human error in manual document creation.
All data from a linked item can be used in the file! For example, you can easily create an extended agreement from a new customer or supplier.

Driving webhooks to internal and external systems

Neoforce can use webhooks to seamlessly integrate with other systems. This allows you to share data and updates between different platforms, improving your efficiency and collaboration. You can build your own completely as you wish.
Neoforce supports sending GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH requests with customisable headers.

Creating tickets

Neoforce also lets you trigger actions, such as automatically creating a new ticket when a certain event occurs. This is useful for capturing and following up customer requests, complaints or problems.
You can create new tickets based on a template or set this up manually for each action. Generating complex workflows (extended tickets) is also possible!

Triggers - The power behind automation

User input

Triggers can be triggered by various user inputs, such as submitting a form, changing a datasets object, creating a new ticket or entering data. This allows you to automate specific actions based on the actions of your customers and/or employees.

Time- and date-based triggers

Triggers can also be triggered based on the expiry of a certain time or date in a specific field. For example, sending a reminder when a task is not completed within the expected timeframe.

Repetitive schedules

Triggers can be set based on repeating schedules, triggering periodic tasks and notifications automatically. This is useful for scheduling regular follow-ups, updates or reports.

By combining actions and triggers in Neoforce, you can optimise your workflow and save valuable time and effort. Whether it's automating e-mail communication, generating important documents, sharing data with other systems, creating tickets or automatically responding to user input, Neoforce offers the flexibility and power to improve your processes.

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