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Release notes 2024

Releasenotes v24.06: Improved projects, better data synchronisation and much more!

Door 5 June 2024No Comments

In the June 2024 release, we made another bunch of improvements, tweaks and fixes in Neoforce. Read on for a detailed overview of what's new!

What have we added?

  • The overview page of a project has been improved!
    Among other things, you will now see a graph of the hours incurred per month. In addition, you can see at a glance how many hours and turnover the associated handlers have generated.
  • Users can now add a table field to their forms in the customer portal. This field allows users to enter structured data in tabular form, making complex data entry and management easier and clearer.
  • You can now also link wiki articles to a form. This will potentially save you tickets that have already been answered!
  • We have added a new feature that automatically calculates an end date and/or target date based on the priority selected for a ticket.
  • From administration, you can now set which fields you -while logging in via Microsoft 365- do or do not want to synchronise to the relevant user and person. This puts you even more in control of the data in your Neoforce environment!
  • Projects and tickets now also have the option of using a stopwatch to write time! If you have a project (or ticket) open, you can start the stopwatch easily, either from the header, or from the 'Time recording' tab.
  • Invoices now also show (as a KPI) the outstanding amount.
  • You can now also delete/cancel reservations from the user portal.
    Note: For this, you need to grant additional rights!
  • You can now create a folder from an action.
  • In the timeline, the 'popover' shows more info, and you can click on the name to directly open that person's page.
  • While hovering (with the mouse) over checked-off tasks in a ticket's checklist, you can now also see who and when completed that task.

What did we adjust or fix?

  • Accidental deletion of items should now be less likely to occur. The attachment has been made more noticeable, and also 'shakes' for a while before you can attach it.
  • Open flows, as well as Automations forms, can now also be opened from the 'waffle menu'.
  • The 'Hourly rate' column can now also be added in User Management.
  • You can now also download the logo and banner (portal) again from admin.
  • Formula fields showed no prefix or postfix (if set).
  • Not all email addresses were saved when you edited the message (on the ticket timeline).

In addition to these points, we have updated even more! You will find the complete overview within your own Neoforce environment.