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Release notes 2024

Releasenotes v24.05: Public subtickets, code highlighting and more!

Door 8 May 2024No Comments

Logos at organisations, code highlighting, more widgets and much more we have added or changed in this May 2024 version! Read the full changelog below.

As you have come to expect from us, we will be bringing this version to all production environments on Wednesday 8 April, after office hours!

What have we added?

  • At organisations you can now get a logo set. This logo is then displayed on the organisation's 'main page' (the first tab, next to the timeline). If you then open a ticket, and the particular submitter does not have a photo, but the organisation does have a logo, that logo will be displayed.
  • All timeline code blocks, fields with formatting, as well as ticket requests, now use code highlighting. It also automatically recognises the language used and applies the appropriate syntax!
  • Persons now also have a field 'Department'. It can be found next to the field 'Function'.
  • Both the 'Department' field (see above) and the 'function' field are now switch off at the 'People' page.
  • The 'Department' field is now also filled and updated from your Microsoft365 environment (if enabled). We use the field 'department' for.
  • If enabled, sub-tickets can now also be tracked and monitored from the customer portal. These are neatly displayed with the relevant main ticket.
    You can enable this via Management > Tickets > General settings > Customer portal.

  • Invoice numbers are now -if sufficiently authorised- to be changes. Of course in accordance with all (accounting) rules.
  • New accounts are no longer immediately a full account. A dropdown menu has been added in which you can already choose between a light or full account. This also prevents you from accidentally creating a full account and leaking confidential information
  • Fields of datasets and additional fields now also have the option to add a minimum and maximum length set.
  • It includes. widgets for showing the last amended and last added organisations added.
  • You can now also filter on the 'switch' fields in datasets.
  • Tabs at datasets are now also to remove.

What did we change or fix?

  • The KPI for invoices now also shows amounts including VAT.
  • Email templates can now also be used using Markdown formatting.
  • When you address the API of datasets incorrectly, the API now shows an error message with instructions on how to use the API correctly.
  • iPads now show the refresh button on several pages again.
  • Videos now no longer show a PDF icon in the preview (modal).
  • It is now possible to use multiple asset fields in one form.
  • If you respond to a post (timeline), but you had already written something, that -previously written post- will no longer be deleted.

These were the main points of this update. More things have been tweaked, improved or added, of course! You can find the full list in the usual place, within your own Neoforce environment.