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Release notes 2024

Release notes v24.01: First update with new features and major improvements

Door 10 January 2024No Comments

It's time for the first update of 2024! We've been working hard to make Neoforce even better. In this release, you'll find new features like limiting assets in the relationship widget and adding rates per user. We've also addressed some important bugs. Read on quickly to discover all the improvements!

What have we added?

  • For organisations and invoices, IBAN numbers are now automatically 'formatted' into the correct format.
  • IBAN numbers are also validated. This way, we increase the chances of successful data entry!
  • From now on, you can also delete previously added mailimports.
  • For datasets, you can now also use fields of the 'Selectbox' and 'Checkbox' types to show or not show other fields (depending on the value of that previously mentioned field).
  • We also added a new field type to datasets; This allows you to link multiple people.
  • Furthermore, in the relationship widget (also of datasets), you can now set within which other schemas relationships may be searched.
  • Under users, you can now enter an hourly rate that is used within time registration. This works in both a project and a ticket. If a project already has an hourly rate, that hourly rate will be kept.
  • A ticket's linked project is now also bulk editable.
  • It has become possible to export lists and groups to Excel.
  • The table name, which you should use in API requests (the attribute), is now easy to find on the first page of datasets management.
  • New mail imports are no longer enabled by default; this prevents Neoforce from immediately starting to read and import e-mails.
  • The table of tickets, now for subtickets (depending on whether you 'share' assets within an extended ticket) also shows the linked asset (from the main ticket).
  • Various optimisations to the user interface, experience and performance.

What did we change or fix?

  • Payments on invoices now no longer have a date-time, just a date.
  • Searching for items on the customer portal also returned archived items.
  • The [Copy] button near a code block, moved along while scrolling horizontally.
  • Skipped subtickets did not always release the next (dependent) subticket.

Besides these points, we have added, improved or changed a lot of things. With these new features and optimisations, Neoforce remains at the forefront of providing flexible, responsive and advanced business solutions. Check out the full changelog within the application for more detailed information on all the changes.