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Release notes 2023

(EN) Release notes v23.01

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In this article, we will tell you about all the new features we have added to Neoforce, with version v23.01.

As you will notice, we have chosen to write the release notes in English from now on. We do this so that it allows us to provide our non-Dutch customers with the correct information as well.

What's been added?

  • Added triggers for Tickets when a comment is placed or a document has been uploaded.
  • The option to change the sender name of the mails that Neoforce sends. This can be done via the general settings.
  • Made it possible to automatically create a new person when importing a mail and the sender doesn't exist in Neoforce (yet).
  • Attachments are now also imported when importing an email. Images get replaced with a real image in Neoforce.
  • You can now send mails using Microsoft Graph. The mails are also sent in the send items folder of that mailbox.
  • It is now possible to require fields inside the table field in the module datasets.
  • It is now possible to export and import dataset schemas.
  • Added the option to create an event directy from an organisation via the NEW button.
  • Authorisations are now checked on API tokens.
  • Added type validation to table fields (example: email field requires a valid email)
  • It is now possible to add date and datetime fields to a table field (datasets).
  • You can now add an own custom logo to the footer of the portal and adjust the alignment of the complete footer.
  • Made it possible to set subtickets (in the template) as optional. When saving, Neoforce will ask you to select the subtickets you would like to use.
  • Added the option to automatically delete completed tickets after X amount of years. Default is 7 years.
  • Added a category browser to the wiki index.
  • Added the option to reply to other timeline comments.
  • Added a warning to invoices if a customer address is incomplete.
  • Added an option to enable or disable the modules that you're using via the general settings. Default: all modules.
  • Added the option to allow unknown users to sign in via SSO. (Note: this option allows automatic creation of a new user based on a template user).
  • Improved the German language in Neoforce for our German speaking customers.
  • External links are now recognized and always opened in a new tab.