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Release notes 2022

Release notes v22.44

Door 2 November 2022No Comments

In the week 44 release, we again worked hard on additions, tweaks and fixes for Neoforce.

Note: In line with our normal schedule, this release will be on Wednesday 16 November be pushed to all production environments.

What have we added?

  • In Triggers, two new conditions have been added: "Does NOT start with" and "Does NOT end at".
  • For each datasets field, it is now possible to indicate that the content of that particular field should not be copied.
  • Pro-Forma invoices now also have a searchable number.
  • Table fields in datasets can now include selectboxes.
  • Date (and time) fields have more options regarding validation. For example, you can now specify that the date should only be on weekdays or not in the past.
  • Timeline items now show the full date (e.g. Wednesday 2 November 2022) instead of the short format.
  • It has become possible to save extended tickets as a template (BETA!)

What have we solved or changed?

  • All pages now show the icon in the bar at the top.
  • The sidebar now better shows which page is active.
  • The icons at the bottom of the sidebar now show additional info (Collapse/Unfold or Change sidebar).