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Release notes 2022

Release notes v22.32

Door 10 August 2022No Comments

A new central page for all timeline items, on the fly changing the number of items to display and much more.... Quickly read the complete release notes of version v22.32 below.
This version comes on 24 August available for production environments.


  • Organisations can now be rated based on a 5-star methodology, and you can now categorise organisations. Finally, you can now mark organisations as 'Lead'.
    Note: These options are disabled by default and should be enabled via management.
  • The table (index) of tickets is now also expandable with the 'Asset' column (if enabled).
  • You can now adjust the number of items to display on the fly on all pages (available on laptop/desktop only).
  • It is now possible to view and filter all timeline items on one central page.

Resolved or amended:

  • Various minor changes to the user interface.
  • Spelling errors.
  • It was not possible to upload an image larger than 5000 pixels in height.