At only 2 months time a smooth, user-friendly and well-functioning system rolled out.

Within a partnership of government organisations at county level, there was a need for a system in which, among other things, tickets, persons and organisations could be tracked. The existing software was not flexible enough, so it was decided to implement Neoforce.




Thinking along and being flexible
By contributing ideas from day 1 and maintaining intensive contact with the project leaders, together with the internal team and other functional administrators, we were able to set up a well-functioning system that met the client's requirements in a short period of time. 

The contact with Neoforce was smooth. They think along with you in the process and that ensures speed.

Marieke van Eijk

The results

There is a clear overview in the notifications, and these can also be filtered to suit yourself. The reporting functionality works easily and we can also quickly and easily export data to Excel.

A satisfied client, a well-functioning system and all at a low rate. 

These are the words of Marieke van Eijk

The ideal solution

You can easily personalise Neoforce, which quickly makes you feel like it is your own system. Usage is intuitive and the software looks modern. This works pleasantly. You sense from the system that it was built by someone who, as a user, has seen many other ITSM tools and wanted to make this one better.

Fast implementation

Within the existing software for this project, there were few options to set things up to our liking, and we needed that. That's why we switched to Neoforce. Together with a colleague, I took care of the implementation of Neoforce within this project. Within 2 months we were able to realise this project, and I am proud of that.