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Better customer service with Neoforce's ticketing system

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Efficient customer service is vital to the success of any business. However, managing and following up customer queries and requests can be challenging, especially when dealing with a large amount of information and communication.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Neoforce's 'Tickets' module.

With this powerful tool, companies can record, manage and track all customer interactions, enabling them to provide an orderly and streamlined customer service.

Better overview and structured communication

Using Neoforce, you can register all customer queries and requests as tickets.

Each ticket is automatically given a unique serial number, so you can easily keep track of which customer it concerns, what the question is, what priority it has and within which category it falls. In addition, you can indicate within the system who is responsible for the processing and what end date has been set. This allows you to maintain a clear overview and prevent important information from being lost.

Full control over customer service

Neoforce's flexible ticketing module allows you to customise the system to your specific needs.
You can decide which fields are mandatory, which teams should resolve certain tickets, which categories there are and how tickets should be handled. In addition, you can even add your own additional fields!
This allows you to fully customise customer service and maximise efficiency.

Timely and transparent handling

Neofore's ticketing system helps you not disappoint customers when it comes to timely handling of their queries and requests.
You can sort tickets based on the (possibly automatically calculated) end date, which means you can always prioritise the most urgent issues. In addition, you can track the progress of each ticket using statuses. You can define statuses yourself and automatically notify your customers of status changes.

This way, everyone stays informed and communication is efficient.

Efficient collaboration within teams

With self-created teams and handlers, you can collaborate effectively on ticket handling.

You can define teams based on departments or areas of responsibility. This allows specific requests to be routed to the right handlers. If necessary, tickets can even be handled by multiple handlers, increasing productivity and responsiveness. This naturally leads to better served and satisfied customers.

Categorisation and types

To organise tickets in a structured way, the tool provides you with several categories and subcategories.
This allows you to easily classify tickets according to their nature or subject matter. In addition, you can define tickets in different types, such as 'incidents', 'changes' or 'support questions'. The system offers standard types, but you can customise these as you wish. This also makes Neoforce suitable as an ITSM tool, where you are free in the degree of ITIL implementation.

Better insight with asset linking

For companies using the application management or datasets module, the system offers the ability to link specific assets to tickets.

This gives you insight into which tickets relate to a specific object.
For example, if there are many failure reports for a particular laptop, you might consider replacing it. By having everything in one overview, you can make more informed decisions and increase efficiency.

True self-service for customers

With our customisable and designable customer portal, you can offer your customers a true self-service experience!

They can view their open and completed tickets, access manuals and ask targeted questions via forms. This saves time and reduces the need for endless e-mail communication to obtain missing information. You can place unlimited forms, wiki articles and pages on the customer portal, so customers can find the information they want quickly and easily.

Getting started with Neoforce

Neoforce is the solution for companies looking to provide streamlined customer service.
The software allows you to record, manage and follow up customer queries and requests efficiently. You have full control over handling, teams can work together effectively and customers benefit from transparent communication and self-service options.

Improve your company's customer service with the Neoforce ticketing system and increase customer satisfaction and efficiency.