A better cyber resilience In Eindhoven region.

In collaboration with Cyber4Z, we have set up a Neoforce environment. From Cyber4Z, we support the Eindhoven region in the field of cybersecurity and cyber resilience in order to better arm itself against cyber crime. In this role, Cyber4Z processes huge amounts of data. The aim of our collaboration? To provide a fast and clear system for Cyber4Z to perform its task properly and quickly.


With a large number of members and a lot of (network) data available, it was a difficult task for Cyber4Z to keep track of it all in a structured way.

With a tight setup of Neoforce, all organisations, contacts and network details are now tracked. Notifications from the NCSC are registered

To keep track of which participants/organisations are connected and to keep track of the many network data per organisation, a Neoforce environment has been set up. This contains the organisations, contact persons, contact details, network data and registers reports we receive from the NCSC monitoring.

Neoforce is super easy and convenient to use.

Yu-Mei Liebregt

The results

More and more organisations are seeing the added value of collaboration, which is why more and more activity can be seen on the portal. Organisations are more aware of it and are also more interested in the topics and solutions within cyber resilience.

Since switching to administration in Neoforce, everything is easy to find in one place. Contact and mail as well as specific network data and the registration of older reports can be easily looked up in it.

Neoforce works intuitively, quickly and clearly.

Yu-Mei Liebregt

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