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Municipality of Beekdaelen on internal workflow with Neoforce

In an interview with Yannick Welie, Neoforce application manager at Beekdaelen municipality, we discussed the improvements in internal workflow following the implementation of Neoforce.

Implementation challenges

Prior to the implementation of Neoforce, Beekdaelen municipality faced several challenges in its internal workflow. Several processes were still running in an outdated and informal way, resulting in inefficiency and confusion. Certain working methods were cumbersome and important steps were often not documented, making it difficult to maintain an overview and avoid mistakes. In addition, there was a lack of a central place where internal problems, issues and defects could be submitted and followed up, leading to fragmentation and delays in handling these matters. Therefore, the municipality decided to switch to Neoforce.

Switching to Neoforce

The main driver for the municipality to switch to Neoforce as an enterprise software was the need for a versatile solution that could specifically address the problems described earlier. "We were looking for a tool that could help us restructure processes, especially those that used a lot of forms. We also wanted to create one central place where all internal requests, defects, orders and problems could be managed and resolved. By achieving these objectives, we hoped to improve efficiency and foster collaboration within our organisation", tells Yannick.


Although Neoforce has not yet been fully implemented at Beekdaelen Municipality, it has already brought about significant improvements in internal workflow, especially in HR processes. "By using Neoforce's forms, we were able to skip some steps in certain HR processes, resulting in a significant improvement in the efficiency and convenience of these processes", Yannick adds.

"Thanks to Neoforce, communication and cooperation within our organisation has improved significantly."

Improved internal communication and cooperation

When asked whether Neoforce has helped streamline communication and cooperation within the municipality, Yannick also has a clear answer:" Thanks to Neoforce, communication and cooperation within our organisation have improved significantly. Handlers now have a more complete picture of each application, reducing the number of contact moments and enabling faster follow-up steps. In addition, Neoforce enables processors to see which applications have already been processed and who is working on them. This prevents duplication and ensures that tasks are carried out more efficiently. This functionality streamlines processes and allows our team to work together more effectively to achieve our goals."

Training and support

The process of training and supporting the team in using Neoforce initially had some challenges. Some practitioners found it difficult to keep track, even in simple tasks such as handling tickets. The complexity of the application, with its extensive set of buttons, caused confusion.

Although the system seemed intuitive to the application manager, he later discovered that there was much more to learn. Without formal training, he had to figure everything out on his own, which took time and effort.

It is therefore strongly recommended by Neoforce to take a training course from Neoforce, so that the administrator within your organisation can make optimal use of all the modules and functionalities offered by Neoforce. This will help to use the system more effectively and further optimise internal processes. Yannick plans to pay extra attention to Neoforce in the future and focus on all the possibilities Neoforce has to offer, so that the full potential of the system can be used for Beekdaelen municipality.

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