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Releasenotes 2023

(EN) Releasenotes v23.02

Door 8 februari 2023Geen reacties

In this article, we will tell you about all the new features we have added to Neoforce, with version v23.02.

Since version v23.01 we have chosen to wrtie the release notes in English so that it allows us to provide our non-Dutch customers with the correct information as well.

What’s been added?

  • From now on, you can (re)sort list values in forms (portal) via drag & drop.
  • You can, based on choices made by your end users in a form, trigger subtickets (from a template) or not use them at all.
  • It is now possible to add a room field to datasets (if rooms is enabled).
  • Added ‘My assets’ page to the portal. Users can (if enabled) see the assets that are linked to them. You can also choose which fields you want to show.
  • We have made it possible to remove the field ‘Name’ in all addresses (organisations).
  • You can now force an organisation to be at least a customer or supplier (optional setting).
  • You can remove the Neoforce blog from the login page.
  • You can add a custom background image to the login page to match your own styling.
  • Added the option to add a announcement to every page on the portal.
  • You can show the last edited tickets on the homepage of the portal and set the maximum amount of tickets (to show).
  • Wiki articles can now have a timeline. You can enable this via the admin panel and wiki settings.
  • The default selected lit-item is now highlighted in the list editor.
  • The notification dropdown now also shows the last read notifications (unread notifications are always shown first!)
  • We have made it possible to copy a form (portal).
  • Added the field ‘email’ to teams.
  • You can now add custom text to forms to instruct the users more and better.
  • The own information texts (see also previous point) can optionally be transferred to the ‘request’ field of the ticket at creation.
  • You can now automatically create a PDF file from the filled in form (when enabled in the form).
  • You can disable the usage of nonces in uploaded files. By doing this, you ensure that all files can only be viewed by logged in users.

What is fixed?

  • If an error occured when filling in a portal form, the value of checkboxed-bases fields got lost.
  • Fixed a bug where written timesheets were lost after an error occured while creating a ticket.
  • Fixed a bug where a new ticket was not linked to a major ticket after clicking on the [new] button from the majors tab.
  • Sending a GET request to the status endpoint with an invalid token resulted in a fatal error.
  • When adding 0 (zero) conditions to a trigger, but changing the operator to OR, nothing got executed.
  • Invoice date was incorrect when creating a credit invoice.
  • When deleting a schema, linked timeline items were not deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where is was possible to link a location to itself resulting in an infinite loop.